Edward Jones Garage Enclosure

new-heroPROJECT:Edward Jones Garage Enclosure


ARCHITECT: Christner Inc. – Jeff Ryan

Sprung from a collaboration of architect, fabricator and installer, a high quality, easily installed system was created.  The system uses an engineered support runner that is precisely fabricated for the specific project or application. Once attached, the support rails easily accept the “design cassettes” for quick and efficient installation.  This reduces labor costs to benefit the contractor and ultimately the client’s project.  TROCO created different extrusions that were finished with three bronze colors and arranged randomly in the cassette.  Each panel changes in transparency as you move along the screen, appearing to visually move while remaining in a fixed position.


“For the Ed Jones Parking Garage, we designed our own custom enclosure system.   TROCO collaborated with us on the constructability and the refinement of finishes and details. Their insights on design adjustments helped to reduce costs, improved durability and simplified installation.   TROCO combines an extensive knowledge of metal fabrication, a deep understanding of design, and a great collaborative attitude that allows high quality fabrications to be part of our projects at a reasonable cost.”

Jeff Ryan – Architect