Schneithorst’s Restaurant


PROJECT: Schneithorst’s Restaurant


ARCHITECT: Mainline Group Architecture, Inc.

When the heavy timber rooftop structure of a popular restaurant began to deteriorate, the decision was made to construct the new structure out of steel and glass. Mainline Group Architecture, Inc. developed a European train station theme with historic details and collaborated with TROCO throughout the design and fabrication process. Special attention was given to the intricate hop and barley details at the column capitals. TROCO also provided the laminated glass roof panels. All the requirements for electrical and lighting were coordinated in the shop to streamline installation.


“The collaboration with TROCO was made easy by their understanding of the structural and aesthetic challenges of the design. The production of three-dimensional shop drawings helped to promote our review process. Mainline Group designed a hops & barley themed capital and TROCO added their own artistic handiwork to give it a vibrant quality.  The quality of the work and the installation in the field was top notch.”

Allen Roehrig – Mainline Group Architecture, Inc.