St. Louis Art Museum

PROJECT: St. Louis Art Museum Expansion


ARCHITECT: David Chipperfield Architects

TROCO’s largest project to date was the production of 660 skylight diffuser/acoustic panel frames for the coffered ceiling at SLAM’s new expansion. Designed to be multi-functional, these frames also provided a low voltage raceway for motion and humidity sensors, security cameras, fire protection and exhibit spot lighting.

TROCO achieved significant cost savings through innovative thinking. The two part frames needed to have easy access to modify and maintain the functions of the fixture, so TROCO designed a bayonet hinge and sliding clasp to eliminate screw connections. Custom extrusions were designed to utilize a pre-manufactured track light fixture to reduce costs. Materials were sourced using European metric dimensions instead of conventional American sizes, which reduced wasted drop.

TROCO’s innovation was also evident in the delivery logistics. Two trailers were retro-fitted with cradles to receive the finished frames. As one trailer was filled and delivered to the site for installation, the empty trailer was returning to be loaded again.