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TROCO’s History


TROCO Custom Fabricators began as a vision of its founder, Tim Trotter.  Tim previously served in the US Army, operated a family-owned manufacturing business and eventually began building custom metal furniture. With Tim’s eye for design and metal fabrication skills, TROCO was established in 2002.  TROCO’s first location was a 5,000 square foot metal fabrication facility in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.  In its early days, TROCO mainly focused on smaller projects for homeowners, designers and artists, occasionally taking on larger projects for architects and general contractors.  Growth spurred TROCO to move to a larger facility in 2007 with a subsequent doubling of that space in 2010.  TROCO’s shop facility and offices are currently located in the Hill Neighborhood in St. Louis.  In 2018, TROCO opened a sales office in Chicago, Illinois.

 TROCO’s Capabilities


TROCO has three distinct operating divisions, each focused on a unique type of client ranging from general contractors and architects to restaurants, hotels, designers and artists. 


Hotel/Restaurant/Hospitality– TROCO’s HRH division works with clients in the design and fabrication of tables, booths, food service lines, barbacks as well as signage.  Clients have ranged from single independent restaurants to national franchises such as Panera, Starbucks, BIBIBOP Asian Grill and CoreLife Eatery.  TROCO’s extensive manufacturing experience ensures that all of its products are designed and built to ensure quick and efficient installation.  


Architectural– The Architectural division works closely with general contractors, other subcontractors and architects in the design, fabrication and installation of a wide range of architectural elements for commercial, educational and institutional projects.  Recent projects include decorative parking facades, custom railings, wall cladding, canopies and awning systems.  


Creative– TROCO’s Creative division collaborates with artists, designers and other creative organizations to bring their projects to fruition.  The TROCO team has worked with numerous local and international artists on sculpture projects both large and small. 


The TROCO Commitment


TROCO’s commitment to preservation of design integrity, careful planning and master craftsmanship ensures client satisfaction.  All projects begin with careful planning and 2D/3D CAD drawings, thereby minimizing future fabrication and installation issues.  As Tim Trotter is apt to say, “Detailed drawings get detailed results”. TROCO’s skilled craftsmen turn those plans into high quality finished products that meet or exceed the high expectations of our clients.  As a full service subcontractor, TROCO can provide for installation as needed.  This unique approach has enabled TROCO to build strong relationships with its clients who know that they can count on the TROCO team to consistently deliver superior results.

Our central location allows for economical manufacturing and delivery to regional cities including Chicago, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Denver, Nashville, Memphis, Kansas City as well as major cities such as Dallas, Miami and Atlanta, just to name a few.

We are proud members of the AIA St. Louis, The AGC of Missouri, The Veteran Owned Small Business organization and the ASA Midwest Council.

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